Hurricane Sandy Critical Infrastructure Status Assessments

Following Hurricane Isaac, the Louisiana State University and University of Washington collaborated to collect hurricane hazard and power infrastructure damage data as part of an NSF RAPID grant. The team conducted two days of field reconnaissance, collecting data to describe hazard and damage conditions for the power transmission and distribution systems. The team collected:
• geo-referenced, high-definition video (nearly 11 hours)
• geo-referenced still photographs (nearly 1000 photographs)
• written field notes and assessments.
The figure below illustrates the geo-referenced paths taken during the field deployments (more than 350 miles travelled).

Geo-Referenced Paths around New Orleans
Path taken during reconnaissance on (a) 10/15/12 and (b) 10/16/12.

The data collected during the field trip could be shared upon request. Please contact friedland@lsu.edu for more details.